Introducing Before I Do

Welcome to our studio, Before I Do. Here’s a little intro about the business and the team that will help you for your special day.


Welcome to the very first Blog post from Before I Do. Whether you stumbled upon us by accident or have come to seek some friendly wedding advice, we are glad to have you and hope you stick around for this little journey. 

Wedding planning can be stressful as there is a lot to consider. Perhaps you have just gotten engaged and don’t know where to begin, or have been knee deep in wedding planning and need some help with the final details. In short, we are here to alleviate some of that stress and help you bring your vision to life.

We wanted to generate this blog series to bring you the best tips and tricks straight from the industry professionals. We hope to help you with styling and printing advice, budget and planning tips and all things wedding related.

Sappy introductions aside and to kick off this series, we wanted to introduce ourselves properly and give you a little bit of an extended version of the ‘About Us’ spiel. 

My name is Georgia and as I am sure you are already aware, I work alongside my gorgeous (biased I know) partner, Ben, here at the Before I Do Design Studio

I am a high-end Interior Designer by trade, however, thanks to a strong passion for the design industry, I have a broad skillset which allows me to venture into many sectors of design such as graphic design, interior/exterior styling and many more. 

Over my years working within the industry, I have generated an active interest in texture, materiality and layouts, and developed a keen eye for details. That being said, I am a strong believer that some of the best design outcomes can come from happy accidents so never fear if you are finding that this process isn’t always going your way. 

Although it might seem that I live and breathe design, I am also a keen plant mum, have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix and enjoy spending my weekends going camping and setting off on many outdoor adventures with my partner in crime, Ben. 

Ben is a Graphic and Web Designer who has been active within the design sector for many years with his successful design consultancy called Spacey Studios

At Spacey Studios, they specialise in commercial collateral – basically they are the corporate big brother of Before I Do. Before starting his own firm, Ben spent some time working within the corporate world but quickly realised he wanted to experience more creative freedom and work closely alongside a variety of clients. 

Outside of work, Ben can be found in our garage causing chaos by perfecting and adding to his home brew beer collection. When he can bring himself to step away from his hobby, he also enjoys going camping and finding a new place to explore. 

I wish we were kidding when we say that Before I Do all started on our couch one summer evening. Being two of the only designers in the family, Ben and I were approached by one of our family members who asked if we would be able to help them with the design side of things for their special day. Ultimately this lead us down the path of designing a beautiful package including a wedding suite and wedding website, complete with on the day signage. 

After working together to produce work we were both proud of, we made the conscious decision to combine our skills and help streamline the process for other couples to create unique and special pieces for their big day. Thus, Before I Do was born.

Although we aren’t married and have not had the pleasure of personally navigating the complications of the lead up to a wedding day (at least, not just yet), we do know the ins and outs of the design industry, have developed close relationships with suppliers and know best how to translate your vision into tangible products. 

All in all, we are here to help make a lasting impression on your guests and help you make memories that last a lifetime.